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Strategic Principles

CleanHearts is exists to turn “Every Man’s Battle” into every man’s victory. These strategic principles guide our efforts:

  • The devil wins in the dark. This is indeed every man’s battle. We do not tolerate or even acknowledge cowardice or squeamishness in the discussion of this issue, from anyone. Rather, we bring it into the light, as a matter of fact, with grace, without making light of it.
  • We do not focus on worldly things. There is no benefit to harping on the problem. Thus, our ministry is not “anti” anything. Rather, we focus on Christ; we are pro-righteousness.
  • We are not concerned about the “supply side” of sin; efforts in that direction are a losing proposition. We instead labor to stem the demand, which lies in the hearts of men. When men crave righteousness, the supply of sin becomes irrelevant, and will fade away.
  • Righteousness is not the absence or avoidance of sin; it is conformity to Christ. Continual thought or conversation about our problems only leads us to repeatedly stumble in them.
  • It is not our job to make people feel guilty or convict them of their sin. It is our job to minister grace and healing, while charging men to “go and sin no more.”
  • People do not need help feeling icky about sexual sin. Instead, they need encouragement and discipleship to hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Continual talk about “porn,” emphasis on the “victims” and “damage,” etc., is a fruitless exercise. Such talk merely gives ammunition to legalists, and aides the enemy in helping people feel guilty. Yes, the problem must be identified clearly, but this is never the crux or centerpiece of our communication.
  • We are not out to “struggle” against anything. We are out to achieve total victory, which is our promised ability and destiny in Christ. Let the devil “struggle” against us!
  • Victory is not achieved by willpower, and we cannot win when we fight alone. Total victory has already been achieved by the blood of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Victory is manifest when we stand in the truth, in unity with Him and each other.
  • CleanHearts is NOT conducive to perpetual, ongoing meetings – with the same group discussing the same stuff over and over. Rather, our teaching shifts paradigms and equips in a short period. What must remain ongoing are accountability, discipleship and encouragement. Our program is best utilized as a seasonal or one-time curriculum for existing churches and ministries. We are complimentary and not competitive.
  • CleanHearts is positive, uplifting, masculine, cool, energizing and edifying. We are not a “special program” for people with “a problem.” We refuse that stigmatization. Rather, we are a brotherhood that we believe can and should be embraced by every Christian man, of every church background, whether they have already defeated this issue, or are still wrestling with it.

There is a reason the Body is failing miserably in its fight against this stronghold. While they may exist, and we hope they do, fact is we have found no other ministry that embraces or embodies these principles in this fight. Because of this, we are cautious about affiliating or linking with, comparing ourselves to, or utilizing the resources of other ministries in this space. The world does NOT need more of the same! We are happy to work with any other ministry if and when they are ready to address this issue according to these principles.