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CleanHearts Program

CleanHearts is an education, equipping and discipleship program to enable men to stand together and gain victory over the stronghold of sexual temptation and sin – personally, and together as the Body of Christ.

It is for all Christian men – both those who have already gained victory over sexual temptation and sin, and those who are still struggling with it.

With wisdom and grace, CleanHearts empowers men to restore righteousness and honor to themselves, their families, their churches, their communities … and the world.

Complimentary, not competitive: CleanHearts is NOT designed to be a separate interest group with continual meetings. Rather, it is a course and accountability program that may be implemented by any church or men’s group that agrees with our Bible-based statement of beliefs.

Details: The core of the program is a 4-hour course, which may be taught all at once, or broken down into 1-hour chunks.

It is vital that these courses are led by men who have achieved victory and are accountable in this area. For this reason — for our own stewardship of this ministry — we require prospective teachers to apply to become either an Ambassador (independent instructor) or Affiliate (under another church or ministry). Click here for more information.

Resources provided to all participants include:

  • Comprehensive CleanHearts Brotherhood Initiation Workbook,
  • CleanHearts Victory Card,
  • Shield hat/lapel pin and decal,
  • Access to CleanHearts member website and Show Your Shield catalog,
  • One-year exclusive membership.

As part of the program, men are encouraged to agree with an “on call brother” of their choosing, for mutual accountability and support.

Ongoing resources, encouragement and support for members is available personally from Ambassadors and Affiliates, and from the CleanHearts community through the members only section of this website.

Annual “refresher” courses are encouraged.

CleanHearts Process

The core elements of the CleanHearts program are:

  • The Shield
  • The Covenant
  • The Brotherhood

The Shield

CleanHearts.org - Victory in Virtue

For members, displaying the shield is a discreet yet distinctive statement of our Covenant, a means of recognition and unity among brothers, and a license for your brothers to hold you accountable. We offer various ways to Show Your Shield according to your personality.

The Shield is packed with symbolism and meaning, which are taught in the course. The Shield tells the story of our battle and victory. It also gives us a powerful tool for overcoming temptation, and to witness to others.

The Covenant

Central to CleanHearts is a mutual Covenant to embrace God’s plan for victory:

Create in me a Clean Heart, O God. 

By displaying the CleanHearts shield, I declare I have turned from the sin of lust, and I wish to “go and sin no more.” I fought this in the dark, alone, and failed. Now in Christ’s light, my victory is complete. 

I thank God for His full forgiveness, grace and restoration. I freely offer this to my brothers in Christ, and request the same from them. 

I pledge to walk in the light, and I ask my brothers to hold me accountable. 

Working together, we will tear down this stronghold and bring purity to the Body of Christ. 

So help me God.

The Brotherhood

We use the buddy system in CleanHearts, as each member enters an agreement with an on-call brother, to help each other on the journey of victory. In the Bible, Jesus sent out His disciples two-by- two, because they were stronger that way, and in CleanHearts we use the same strategy.

Way beyond this important relationship, CleanHearts is a way for all Christian men to stand united in purpose, regardless of age, nationality or church background/denomination.

The Victory

CleanHearts is not about “struggling” against sexual temptation and sin. The Bible says our destiny as sons of the Living God is not merely to “struggle” – but to achieve total victory, individually and together as the Body of Christ.

CleanHearts is an initiative to provide leadership, training and resources, as the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, “for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.”

Some years back, a famous book on the topic of sexual temptation and sin was titled
Every Man’s Battle. CleanHearts turns every man’s battle into every man’s victory!