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The Mission of CleanHearts

CleanHearts exists to help the Body of Christ achieve total victory over the stronghold of sexual temptation and sin, one heart at a time.

We equip men for victory by fostering brotherhood and accountability. We help them understand and embrace their true identity as victorious sons of the Living God, and stand in front of Him with a clean heart.

We recognize the devil wins in the dark. We gain victory by helping men bring this issue into the light, without making light of it. To do this, we seek first to “stop the rocks” – educating and ministering grace and healing to enable open dialogue.

We serve ministry leaders by equipping and mentoring them to advance this effort in their own spheres of influence.

CleanHearts is a tool for other ministers and ministries – complimentary, not competitive. It is broad-based, upbeat, positive and effective.

CleanHearts is a Bible-based brotherhood welcome to all Christian men, everywhere.

Statement of Basic Beliefs

  • The Bible is an accurate record of God’s interaction with mankind over time.
  • God is real, His promises are true and He loves us.
  • Jesus is His son, who lived, died and rose again to save us from our sins.
  • Jesus is the only way to God. Through Him, and only through Him, we can have a relationship with the Father and eternal life in Heaven.
  • It is only through this relationship — and nothing this world can offer us — that we can find the peace, joy, contentment and freedom we are looking for.