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CleanHearts is a one-of-a-kind ministry.

Numerous ministries and curriculums address all kinds of issues related to sexual temptation and sin. All have a place and serve a purpose. From what we’ve seen, CleanHearts is different.

How is CleanHearts different?

  • CleanHearts is not just for people who have a “problem” – it’s for ALL Christian men. Because the fact is, virtually 100% of men have either already defeated this in their lives, or are still wrestling with it. To achieve total victory, we must all stand together.
  • CleanHearts is not an ongoing “treatment,” and we’re not about “struggling” or “fighting.” Instead, we’re all about total healing and VICTORY, which is promised to us in Christ.
  • We know victory does not come through willpower or tricks or crutches, but only by the powerful grace of God. Our focus is not on “avoiding” anything — it is on accepting God’s grace, boldly approaching His throne, and a standing before Him with a clean heart.
  • We know the best defense is a good offense. After we lead men to personal victory, we equip them to continue to advance together towards total victory over this stronghold.
  • CleanHearts does not produce literature or videos that are titillating. Showing blurred examples of the stuff we’re fighting against doesn’t help anybody – rather, it can lead us into temptation.
  • CleanHearts does not make people feel icky, gross, or guilty. We don’t need any help with that – and those feelings are not from God. What we need help with is accepting the amazing grace of God. That’s what sets us free, and that’s what CleanHearts is all about
  • CleanHearts doesn’t tiptoe around the issue. The devil wins in the dark; victory requires shining the light. We are not serving our brothers in Christ, or our Father, if we let folks think it’s ok to hide from the truth or live in denial. We address real issues, head-on, with boldness and grace. We bring this issue into the light without making light of it. 
  • CleanHearts is not a “supply side” solution – meaning, we don’t rely on “porn blockers” or the like – because if the demand is still in our hearts, we’re still slaves to this sin. Sin is not an action, it’s a heart condition. One could go the rest of his life without clicking on a porn site, and still be completely stuck in this issue. When men “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” the demand for sexual sin goes away. And when enough of us do this, the supply will dry up!