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“A Call to War” by Mike Arnold


Our faith and families are under attack.

We are promised the power of God to turn the tide.

What are we waiting for?

Turning “Every Man’s Battle” into Every Man’s Victory !

Virtually 100% of Christian men have either fully overcome sexual temptation and sin, or are they still struggling with it. (Statistics show the vast majority of us, even most pastors, fall into the latter category – that is, we are still struggling with it.) Its reach is vast, and it’s quite possibly our enemy’s biggest and most powerful stronghold. It deeply hurts individuals, relationships, families, and communities (even when kept “secret”).

As long as this stronghold stands against us, it will continue to hurt people, frustrate the advance of God’s Kingdom, and keep us from experiencing so many great things God has in store for us. This must change!

Total victory is not only possible — it’s promised!

Did You Know?

The pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink

Pornography is America’s #1 export. It’s bigger than all Hollywood films combined. And it’s bigger than all professional sports combined.

Both the usage of pornography and divorce rates are today identical inside and outside the church.

An Open Letter to Pastors and Other Ministry Leaders


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Our faith and families are under attack, more aggressively than in many generations. In too many key areas, the Body of Christ is losing ground.

There is possibly no more powerful or damaging stronghold standing against us today than the seemingly universal challenge of sexual temptation and sin. Through the power of the internet and a degraded pop culture, this age-old enemy is more pervasive than ever before.

Too many pastors and ministry leaders feel caught like a deer in the headlights when confronting this issue. Fact is, most still wrestle with it themselves, and so don’t have a spiritual foundation for addressing it credibly. Others who do have personal victory over this stronghold often find stiff resistance within their fellowship to helping other tackle it head-on.

The leaders of CleanHearts know what it’s like to grapple with sexual temptation and sin. Fact is, all men know this struggle, all too well. You are not alone!

About 2/3 of pastors and ministry leaders admit in anonymous surveys to having a current issue in this regards. For those called to lead God’s children, and who are often “put on a pedestal” because of this role, there’s great pressure to fight this battle alone. Problem is, the devil wins in the dark. Complete freedom and victory are available in Christ – but not when you continue to wrestle with it in secret.

Too many pastors and ministry leaders feel they are stuck making this choice, and it’s a hard one. You can either:

Option A: Wrestle with this issue in the dark, alone – keep it your dirty little secret – and try to maintain the false illusion of righteousness that is expected of you. (Of course you know deep inside this is a painful, powerless path to failure, but sometimes the alternative seems impossible…)

Option B: Or, you can bring it into the light, win total victory once and for all, gain a testimony you can use to set others free – and risk getting pelted by stones thrown by holier-than-thou elders, deacons, donors, board members, parishioners, peers, etc., who would rather see you live in bondage to their worldly expectations of a “perfect” pastor/ministry leader, than be a real human being who is saved by the grace of God!

Too many shepherds suffer from the very real risk of losing their job if they … well, if they do their job and lead the charge to victory in this area. It’s a godless paradox, a lose-lose proposition.

Fact is, the reason you are discouraged from grappling with this issue publicly and/or boldly declaring your testimony of victory over it is because most men are still stuck in it. They know if you speak about it, then they may be called into account – and they’re in denial, or too ashamed or afraid of the consequences, to want to bring it into the light. So they demand it be kept in the darkness – every man’s “dirty little secret” – and as a result, the devil wins – and people, families and fellowships are hurt.

This damning compulsion to keep this issue secret is why statistics show pornography usage (which is just one symptom of this sickness) is identical inside and outside the church, and among clergy and laymen alike.

There’s no denying it: As a Body, we are failing miserably, universally, in our call to fight against this.

This can and must change! God is eagerly waiting for us to stand up together to advance His Kingdom and tear down the works of the enemy. Today He is calling us to trust Him in this … boldly drag this issue into the light … authentically minister healing and set others free … and lead His people to victory!

The Bible says victory is our destiny in Christ. My friend, as a leader among God’s people, you were called by Him to help lead His children to victory. That victory must start in your own life, with your own, authentic testimony of victory. And for that to happen you have to deal with it, using God’s strategies. Victory comes in the light; it comes when we stand together as He intended.

In your church or ministry, victory starts with you – and your testimony.

Total victory over this stronghold is our birthright – for ourselves, our fellowships, and every believer. If you are not experiencing total victory today, the question is:

1) Are you still struggling with this issue in your personal life?, or

2) Are you uncertain how to lead your followers to victory?

(If you and the fellowship you lead are not walking in total victory today, then these are pretty much the only options.)

We’ve seen it before. Someone in a church or men’s group, maybe even the pastor or leader, deeply desires to change things – they want to minister victory and healing – but they don’t know where to begin.

Often, it begins with the pastor or leader admitting to himself that he needs help.

Do you need help?

If you do, please contact us! We are here to serve you. Our conversations can be anonymous, and will always be confidential. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!

CleanHearts leaders are not only trained to serve – we’ve been there/done that! We have learned first-hand how to gain personal and group victory over this damaging stronghold, using God’s strategies. We know what it’s like to face stone-throwing hypocrites – and win them over, as Christ did, through the fearless grace of God.

Let us pray with you, encourage you, if necessary let us help you achieve personal victory (it IS possible, and it’s wonderful!), and when you are ready, let us help you implement God’s strategy for victory in your fellowship.

Victory is our destiny in Christ – don’t settle for less!

In Christ,

Mike Arnold
Founder – cleanhearts.org


CleanHearts exists to help the Body of Christ achieve total victory over the stronghold of sexual temptation and sin, one heart at a time. We equip men for victory by fostering brotherhood and accountability. We help them understand and embrace their true identity as victorious sons of the Living God, and stand in front of Him with a clean heart.